African Off-Road Academy hosts regular on & off-road training events to recreational and industrial clients accross South Africa as well in Sub Saharan Africa. Events vary from Driver trainng to training of professional on & off-road Instructors and assessors. African Off-Road Academy is also the approved training provider to 4x4 Mega World, ISUZU Off-Road Academy and Safari Centre Stores countrywide. African Off-Road Academy is also responsible for the safety and opperati

African Off-Road Academy offers special services, otions and promotions for your unique training requirements.

Before venturing off-road risking your valueble possessions, family and your own life, please consider attending some of these valueble training programs that has been developed for your bennifit. Whether to save you money in aquiring equipment for your trip.or to ensure minimum wear and tear and prevent possible damage to your vehicle. Most of all the training will help you to prevent injuries and possible death to your passengers as well as yourself. These programs are Accreddited and d

African Off-Road Academy has developed an extensive range of Fleet & Industrial related Driver Training Products. Our unique Fleet & Industrial Driver Trainng Program makes use of various unit standatds, protocols and industry standards to deliver an optimal driver training plan that can be adjusted to industrial requirements. This program eliminales duplication of competancies, fills the gaps and delivers a effective, cost saving product that delivers the highest results.

African Off-Road prides itself in presenting the Accredited Professional Driver Instructor Program. This program has been developed from the generic unit standards 117871/115753/115759 to an unique adopted driver training product.

Driver training can be selected according to the road conditions to be driven

This training is directed to the driver that makes use of off-road tracks and trails.

African Off-Road Accessories are essential products that are tested andrecommendedto our learners at budget prices.